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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Heads Up!

This is not a recommendation, it's just a simple heads up.

Recall that Liberality For All comic I posted on a while ago? Well, it IS real, and the official website can be found here.

A preview can be found here.

Initial impressions? The preview doesn't give me enough to go on, really. I can say that what I see is okay, but that's about it. I think I'll reserve judgment until it actually comes out. It might be refreshing to see a left-wing totalitarian state, rather than the tired old cliche of a right wing fascist state most comics give us, but it depends on how well the idea is executed.

So, yes I will buy a copy when it comes out in October. But I can promise it won't get a free pass merely because it claims to be conservative. As for now, all I can say is: I'll wait and see.


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    By Blogger louismiller7536, at 4:56 AM  

  • Previous post was not censored - it was spam.

    By Blogger John Phelan, at 6:04 AM  

  • > Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

    > Only if it has front and rear shocks.

    I think bicycles for eels (eelcycles?) are the only ones which come with front and rear shocks.

    By Anonymous Greps No Kapootie, at 2:30 PM  

  • "Liberality for all" seems like its panedring to every conservative fear, all stacked up together. It looks like a paranoid conspiracy theorists version of the future.

    Having G. Gordon Liddy and Ollie North be the heroes of the book just puts the whole package over the top.

    Are you sure this is a conservative comic and not a parody of conservatives?

    At any rate, it looks like a book that puts politics before good storytelling. Which may well be the point, as it is probably trying to get cheap publicity in talk radio.

    I will not be ordering this book.

    By Blogger Shawn L., at 8:01 AM  

  • I have no idea how serious or how good this comic will be. I'm just passing along word. I will review it when it comes out, but as said above, merely posting about it does not mean I am endorsing it.

    It does sound a bit over the top, but I want to reserve judgement until there's a final project to review.

    By Blogger John Phelan, at 12:05 PM  

  • It does look suspiciously like a parody.

    By Anonymous Turkish Proverb, at 1:26 PM  

  • I kind of like the concept of having a one-world internationalist state in the book, but I agree that the idea of making Sean Hannity a bionic superhero is just plain silly. Zero attempts at subtlety with this book, seems like...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:23 PM  

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