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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anyway - After the hiatus, Back to the reviews

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a great New Years.

Fallen Angel #1 (IDW)

Yes, this was a series published by DC comics, but since DC couldn't find a niche for a comic that straddled the line between their more adult oriented Vertigo line and the all-ages superhero titles.

However, as this comic contained the best writing Peter David has ever done (period), IDW comics picked it up. And so the story of Lee continues.

This new series takes place around 20 years after the last issue of the DC series. This makes it easy for new readers to jump in. And despite heavily referencing the original series, enough explanations are given that Fallen Angel novices won't find themselves lost.

The art is gorgeous (and painted) and Hitler runs the local bar. What more could you ask for? Beyond that, this series explores important themes of good vs. evil, the nature of right and wrong, and what to do when pretty much every choice you have available is an undesirable/possibly bad one.

In the non-fictional world, Peter David is a far left wing wacko, willing to believe any odd conspiracy theory concerning Bush (he actually believed Bush was going to declare martial law and postpone the 2004 elections), but at least in his fiction he writes stories that aren't just worth telling, they're so powerful they must be told.