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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'll have reviews for this week up in a day or two...

But as for last week?

Well, Plant Hulk chugs along at a fun pace, and the new Dr. Strange comic shows promise (and makes a good introduction to the character for new readers).

However, I haven't posted on last week, because every time I do, it devolves into an angry rant over JMS' awful, awful Fantastic Four #540. I like to think I'm better than that, but I don't know if I am. Here are some small points and then I think I'll go to a happy place where writers don't subvert beloved characters to make cheap political points:

1. JMS always insisted that both sides would be represented fairly, and even the pro-reg side would make good arguments. Except in this issue, Reed Richards can't refute any of Sue's "ripped from the Democratic Party's press release" talking points. When he tries to convince Spider-Man he's right (after Sue leaves him), he basically argues that opposing Senator McCarthy back in the day was the wrong thing.

2. Okay - Sue Storm can drag out the Nazi analogies (yes, she does) and Reed can't refute her. But when he finally does make an argument, the best he can do is come up with a really bad historical analogy? There is no balance. Sue Storm was clearly the moral center of this issue, so there's no going "well, that's the character talking, not the writer" - the writer lets us know loud and clear just who is right in this issue. If JMS actually thinks a modern conservative (other than the wildly over the top Ann Coulter) would argue "support McCarthy" he suffers from too much liberal propaganda.

But then, JMS has defended Michael Moore as a powerful truth teller, so the man just doesn't write fiction - he lives in a fictional world.


  • I suppose in hindsight, we shouldn't be surprised the Civil War story has taken such a blatant slant to the Left. I mean, come on....the entire writing team is unapologetically leftist in their leanings, despite whatever lipservice they play to "fair and balanced". I think from their viewpoints, a reasoned stance on the other side can only BE portrayed in a broad brush, caricatured manner, under the guise of them being open minded and fair.

    By Anonymous Mark Engblom, at 8:34 AM  

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