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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Superman Returns non-review

Finally got around to seeing Superman Returns. Rather than review it (there are plenty of those on the net already), I'll just give my random thoughts, which may be a.) profound, b.)obvious, c.) too idiotic to merit serious consideration, or d.) all of the above.

1. Okay - I get it. Superman is Christ (or something). If any of my literature students try to write a paper on this, I'll tell them to do something that isn't as obvious, such as the connection between Joseph Campbell and Star Wars.

And the movie reminded me of that symbolism every few minutes. It was almost like the director was using the techniques of propaganda instead of dramatic fiction.

2. Anyone catch that basically the kid is now in a very non-standard family? Two dads and a mom? The picture he drew at the end shows the kid even thinks of it that way. I'm not claiming that this is part of the director's agenda to destroy the family or change the definition of marriage (though I'm surprised the 700 Club hasn't done an attack on the film for that reason). It was just an interesting point. I am glad they didn't make Lois' boyfriend a cad - making him a decent guy was a very smart thing to do.

3. Did Lex Luthor's plan make sense to anyone?

4. Parker Posey/Kitty was fun to watch, and Kevin Spacey/Luthor did a good job (so did whoever played Jimmy Olson). Other than that, the main actors were a bore. And what's up with Lois looking like she's 15?

5. I can't really say I enjoyed the movie. It moved too slowly, made little sense and I felt like I had been preached to for over two hours. On the other hand, I did come away impressed by the visuals.


  • The Hero w/a 1000 Faces/Star Wars connection isn't obvious? Sadly, I have a feeling it is.

    But yeah, Superman didn't live up to the hype and the Christ imagery got annoying very quickly. Remember the days when film/books/etc. let the viewer/reader/etc. figure out the symbols and what lay between the lines for themselves instead of forcing it down their throats?

    Re: the visuals, I have to say that I'm less and less impressed by visual effects these days; it's so much easier to get stellar effects these days. I'd rather see a quality, and preferably original, story and solid, multi-dimensional characters than eye candy.

    By Blogger Garm, at 4:06 PM  

  • I thought the movie was okay--not really bad but nothing spectacular. The plot should have been better than Lex Luthor steals Superman's technology to create a hyper-technologically advanced utopia...... AND SELL REAL ESTATE ON IT! That makes so little sense... They should have had his scheme play on the "does the world need Superman?" theme by having Lex use the stolen tech to offer the world a utopia--but the catch is that it would be Superman free, being made of Kryptonite and all.

    Now THERE'S a dilemma! Much better than ...real estate...

    And what was with Superman as a creepy stalker? I was weirded out by the guy! And his son kills a guy--bizarre. It wasn't made clear and there was no attempt to insinuate it, but: am I right thinking that Supes-Jr. was all weak and sick (asthma), but the Kryptonite had the OPPOSITE affect on him than on his dad? Because he got strong when the Kryptonite showed up, right? Am I wrong here?

    You need to talk about something I like so I don't sound like I'm bitching in every comment!

    By Anonymous z ryan, at 4:51 PM  

  • As much as I genuinely liked the movie, many of your criticisms are right on the money, especially the belabored "Superman as Christ" allusions. There seems to be a percentage of Superman fans who really get off on making that connection, and who all seem to think their profound connection is something new. If anything, the character has closer parallels to Moses, but the bottom line is I just like enjoying the Superman character for who he is, as a fun, action-adventure hero....without the pedestrian theology.

    By Anonymous Mark Engblom, at 7:04 AM  

  • The Hero w/a 1000 Faces/Star Wars connection isn't obvious?

    Of course it is. I was being somewhat sarcastic. However, compared to the "Superman as Christ" leitmotif, the Campbell/Star Wars connection is positively obscure.

    By Blogger John Phelan, at 3:59 PM  

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