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Sunday, February 26, 2006

What is up with JLU?

Justice League Unlimited: consistently well written, even if I prefer the now cancelled Teen Titans (though Speedy from the Teen Titans appeared in last night's episode).

Last night's episode started out as a fun, insightful look at heroes. Five non-superpowered heroes have to take on the gray Hulk (well, being a DC show it wasn't "The Hulk" but other than some weird saber-teeth, this was the Hulk) - or at least a rouge general who hates the Justice League so much he's willing to turn himself into a Hulk like being.

Overall, it was fun with some clever dialogue and neat fight scenes (even if Stargirl was underused). And then the writers tipped their hand. The main villain went off on the usual "reveal everything" monologue/rant and we find out: The whole episode is really an attack on Bush's actions in the war in Iraq. Lines about doing this to protect America from possible threats or even-though-I've-become-what-I-hate-you'll-realize-I-was-right-all-along show that this wasn't just an adventure about the JLU.

Instead it's meant to say: Bush's polices of pre-emption are evil and he's become just as bad as those he's fighting.

Interesting. Anyone else recall a few months ago, when in an episode of JLU, Wonder Woman threatened the nations of the world with invasion (by the super-powered Amazons) if global warming didn't stop?

So, pre-emptive war is okay to save the environment, but to protect America it's not. Sometimes I wish the creators of the JLU would do what they do best: Tell good stories and let the viewers draw their own lessons from the stories. Instead, they seem to fell they have to bludgeon us over the head with "Conservatives bad, Liberals good" crap.


  • Yeah, I saw "Patriot Act" and yes I saw there was suppose be some kind of message there--I just couldn't decode it. Wasn't the JL the ones that were supposedly acting all overbearing? And how did everyone forget the events of Superman TAS: legacy (heck even Batman is planning for round two of that game judging by the events of Batman Beyond). But regardless, Bush policies don't really say anything about "wasting a billion." I'm not sure what the message is, but over at AICN they said it was a political hack job. I say, whatever, JLU is supposedly ending so I can deal with one totally political ep, especially one I can't really get insulted over because the metaphors just aren't clicking for me. Heck, i put up with all that evironmentalist hooey in Batman: TAS. (Raz Al Ghul as a tree hugger?) The WW thing about the evironment I really didn't notice, perhaps my red state filter just batted it down--although I do remember her getting all huffy. JLUs done a good enough job that you can let them turn WW into a gorrilla or have Batman sing the blues, and even put some "my country, right or wrong" lines in the mouth of a big, ulgy monster. The ultimates arcs are way more interesting, and what about the supposed rebirth of frank miller as a terrorist beating ne-con?

    By Blogger genie junkie, at 1:04 PM  

  • Frank Miller's more of an iconoclastic libertarian than a neo-con, but his "Holy Terror" comic sounds cool.

    JLU is rather good, so I can forgive them a few slips - but it is still out of place, though typical.

    By Blogger John Phelan, at 4:12 PM  

  • This ep was bad, especially compared to the origionall source material comics by Grant Morisson. Which is a shame, as i love this series dearly, despite this occasional crap.

    By Anonymous Turkishproverb, at 10:38 AM  

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