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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Weekly Review -Dracula vs. King Arthur #2

I reviewed issue #1 here.

This is a comic that qualifies as a total, 100% guilty pleasure. I find nothing to illuminate the human condition, redress the wrongs in the world, or realize the counter-hegemonic dialectic.

That said, it's great fun. My wife is a bit bothered because fact when certain Arthurian females become vampires they start wearing rather slutty outfits, but I figure there's a reason for the term "vamp" when referred to females - this comic is just playing on that idea (and my wife still liked the comic overall).

It moves a quick place, and only Merlin gets any decent characterization. Lancelot seems wildly out of character at the end of this issue, but it does create a nice cliffhanger.

Highly recommended.


  • Am I crazy or is that armor a rip of of the Cary Oldman movie.

    By Blogger genie junkie, at 6:58 PM  

  • As I said in my previous review of issue #1, this comic "borrows" heavily from many versions. King Arthure looks like he comes from the Renaissance, Christianized versions of the tale, but Merlin looks like he came straight from the recent Keira Knightley movie.

    This Dracula owes a lot to the Gary Oldman/Francis Ford Coppola movie, but it also borrows from Bela Lugosi and Buffy.

    By Blogger John Phelan, at 3:49 PM  

  • It was never our intention to "rip anyone off." The versions you see of Dracula and King Arthur are an amalgam of many different takes on the characters.

    We just wanted to tell a fun story that fans would enjoy.

    Issue 3 will be out in December and Issue 4 will be out in March.


    By Blogger Christian Beranek, at 4:15 PM  

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