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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer hiatus

I should have posted this earlier, but since May 25th, I've been at a summer job in a small town in Alaska - and there's no comic store nearby.

If I happen to stumble across some comics, I may post some reviews, but otherwise, wait until September first, when I will return to college.


  • Hey John-

    I look forward to your return to blogging. I came across your blog today and really like what I see. It's great to find a fellow conservative comics fan (we're an endangered species), and I share many of your views on various things.

    I'll check in this fall!

    By Anonymous Mark Engblom, at 7:48 AM  

  • Well, it's september. Unfortunately, I bought black panther because Doom was in it. My lord, that comic book is insulting, and if I was black I'd be mad as hell that Marvel thinks they can play me like that. But more than anything, Doom has never been played as a racist and it was pretty poor. Doom is as smart as Dr. Reed, as tough as anyone, and knows all kinds of stuff about dying and coming back and stuff. But Marvel insists on rolling from a Doom as alexander to Doom the blundering villian. Heck, it as been that way many times, but why do they ignore a character which archored stuff like secret wars or super-villian team up. I think they're too busy setuping up straw men for attacks on conservatives to develop a complex villian

    By Blogger genie junkie, at 2:30 PM  

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